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A Viking Legend: The Descendants of Odin

A Viking Legend: The Descendants of Odin

Ainsley Bloomer

“Cattle die, kinsmen die, what never dies is one's reputation.” —Hávamál

This is a story of a legendary mythological family, a dynasty descended from the gods themselves. It has been told and retold over many centuries, kept alive in poems, stories, and songs that were memorized, chanted, and sung in the Old Norse tongue, the language of the Vikings of medieval Scandinavia.

As nomadic families travelled and migrated, they took their stories and poems with them, a strong link that connected them to their past, ancestors, and homelands. After these migrating families had settled and lived in Iceland for a few centuries, scribes documented their stories, putting quill to vellum and collecting them into books. Yet the different sources of the myths and legends have gaps, incomplete explanations, and missing pages.

A Viking Legend: The Descendants of Odin weaves together these gaps, combining information from many different sources into one book. Unknown characters are enhanced, mythological details are fleshed out, missing information is given an explanation, and a new and different ending occurs. Complemented by images of medieval carvings and classical illustrations, what has emerged is a mysterious and sometimes shocking story, featuring births and deaths, valkyries, tales of honour and love, betrayal and vengeance, battles on land and at sea, sorcery and magic, prophecies and curses, supernatural beings, a dragon, and so much more.

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A Lifer’s Journey

A Lifer's Journey

Prison Chaplaincy from the Inside Out

Hank Dixon

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)

When his walk with God began, Hank Dixon was facing a life sentence for murder. Little did he realize, God’s grace would not only set him on a path to encounter the ghosts of his past, but also call him to prison ministry.

A Lifer’s Journey is a heartfelt journey through the most meaningful of encounters that have spanned an ex-con’s twenty-year prison ministry career, where expectations are sometimes turned inside-out. From encounters with an ex-cop serving time in a maximum security seg unit to the powerful moment, in the fire of a riot, where God reached out to touch the life of one the most rejected of criminals, Hank’s story weaves together life changing personal experiences with a deep compassion for both inmates and staff, revealing a prison world where invoked or not, God is present.

A Lifer's Journey is available in-store at McNally Robinson (Grant Park).

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Winnipeg Cycling

Winnipeg Cycling

Margaret Larson

Make Cycling an Adventure!

Discover Winnipeg and beyond with 30 unique routes designed for all cyclists of all skill levels. With routes ranging from 26 to 50 kilometres, with shortcuts as short as 5 kilometres, anyone can hop on their bike and explore what this city has to offer!

Winnipeg Cycling includes:

  • 20 routes in and around Winnipeg and 10 routes just a short drive away
  • options to shorten routes, suggestions for coffee stops and points of interest, and locations of bathroom stops to make the route perfect for you
  • detailed directions, maps, and fun information for each route

Visit the Manitoba Legislative Building, explore the Trappist Monastery, and take a selfie with the world’s largest Coca-Cola can! Cycle along river beds, over bridges, through parks, and past sculptures and tourist sites.

Winnipeg Cycling is a game-changer for getting more enjoyment out of cycling in this city!

Winnipeg Cycling is available in-store at McNally Robinson (Grant Park & The Forks) and CAA (all Winnipeg locations).

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